Customized remote control project developed by CRAE TECH Inside its Box.

Announcing Alpha Controller V1’s Development


We have finally decided to bring one of our products to the market through crowed funding. This product is our customized remote controller with few modifications. These modifications introduce new capabilities and comfort for the new users. We have named the new controller “Alpha Controller V1”.

We developed customized remote controller back in 2012, when the R/C transmitters available in the market were not robotics friendly. We still use the customized remote controller, because there is no robotic friendly controller in the market with features we need.

Alpha Controller V1 is going to be a better version of our customized remote controller, therefore we are making changes to the old design and we will provide updates about the progress. We are open to new ideas and feature requests, so please feel free to share your ideas with us.

Alpha Controller V1 is aimed for combat robots, robotics and drones. We have decided to have an open source firmware, so that the controller can be adapted in any robotics project. We try our best to make sure our firmware is flexible enough to integrate into almost any project.

 After the crowd funding, we make the firmware available to public and we help to form a strong community to push the project forward. Moreover, interested individuals can modify the firmware to get the best out of the controller in their projects.

Some of the common features with customized remote controller are:

  • Two Way Communication (the controller sends and receives data from the robot/drone)
  • Large LCD (the LCD shows the data received from the robot/drone and it can be customized)
  • 2 joysticks/gimbals
  • Sliders for Accurate Control
  • Radio Switches and Push Buttons
  • Arduino Compatibility
  • Digital Communication (No More Channel Limitations)
  • Strategic Locations for buttons, switches and sliders

Stay tuned for more updates on the developments through our website, facebook, twitter, google + or LinkedIn.

Customized Remote Control Project Developed by CRAE TECH Featured Picture.

CRAE TECH Announcing Customized Remote Controller


Years ago, when we were making robots at CRAE TECH, we always found it challenging to have a remote controller capable of controlling everything in our robots. It wasn't just about controlling, sometimes we had to get information from our robots and the transmitters available in the market always let us down.

So, we decided to build our own remote controllers based on each project’s requirements. We built two different remote controllers for two different projects and we realized we are wasting significant amount of time and resources when we design and fabricate a custom made remote controller for each project.

Therefore, we decided to make a customized remote controller with easy adaption to new projects. The customized remote controller can be seen in:

Stay tuned we will announce a new product soon.

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CRAE TECH Has Lunched its Google+ Page


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CRAE TECH Has Lunched its New Website!!!


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